The Perfect Mixtape

radioscooter destroyer

As a kid in the 70’s, like so many other adolescents going through the angst ridden, hormone laden splendor of puberty – I retreated into music as often as possible. And as my father was among the first wave of audio hobbyists in the neighborhood to own cassette recorders, I started making tapes of songs around 1970.

A lot has changed since that era. We didn’t have iTunes to buy songs for .99 cents. We walked into “Rags & Records” past rows of feathered roach clips and 4 ft. translucent blue water pipes to buy 45rpm records for .99 cents. We did however have peer to peer file sharing. Only it was called borrowing your friend’s copy of Destroyer to tape it. And we did have music downloading. It was called holding a microphone up to the radio.

As you’re growing up, music choices are less voluntary and more happenstance. Your parents play KDKA in the car and you hear Neil Diamond or Bobby Vinton, and it makes an impression. Your older cousins give you a stack of 45’s they don’t want and  Uriah Heep and Spooky Tooth make an impression. Your sister plays the Carpenters: Greatest Hits non-stop on the living room hi-fi. Whether these blossom into your favorite bands or not – they all make impressions on you. It continues into adulthood;  you  wake up to the clock radio playing Rich Girl by Hall & Oates, the TV plays you a bit of Nick Drake on a car commercial, you hear the Decemberists on Letterman… Und so weiter.

The soundtrack of our lives. Songs. Different songs, often from wholly divergent sources or styles, assembled through a balanced symmetry of chaos and personal choice.

That’s the Perfect Mixtape.

Sometimes fun, sometimes poignant. Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something bluegrass…

The curse and the blessing of our current musical futureworld is that there are a zillion more new songs available to us every day than ever before in history, not to mention the kerjillion older songs we just hadn’t heard yet. All at our disposal within the click of a touchscreen app.

My goal with this blog is to curate some of these collections of songs as moments in time. Playlist suggestions. Mixtapes.

The discussion lines are open.

I hope you like the songs.
I picked them out myself.

Just for you.