Under New MGMT

“Time To Pretend” by MGMT

You don’t show up on Letterman wearing druid capes (or Gryffindor robes, whichever) and expect to survive without being confident that you’re kicking out a monster epic tune that’s going to have Apple and Verizon advertising execs waiting out in the hall afterward with blow and hookers to try to snare it for their next Gen Z “culture” TV commercial.

Paul Schaffer rarely books wild cards on the show. Usually if it’s not Bonnie Raitt or the ghost of Warren Zevon you can be pretty sure that the band featured is not going to be that far away from the curb. So when these tweens show up looking like ironic-shirt-wearing-goth-emo smart-asses you could almost hear a nation of 40+’ers give a collective sigh, roll their eyes and look for the remote.

Luckily, mine was under the cat.

Worthy of your iPod.
Download it for free on their MySpace or on iStore.