Hailey Wojcik / Dinosaur Bone

I don’t know anything about this artist. The High Priestess of Boogie sent me the link to this song and I liked it. You know the drill – witty clever lyrics that tie in some book-learnin’ to a dreamy afternoon Bjorkian fantasy romp. I’m not sure what it is about the Unassuming-Shoegazing-Vasser-Girl-Turned-East-Village-Songwriter-Waif thing that always seems to lead to good songs but it’s often a pretty good bet. But hold off on tracking down the album as it likely will be filled with lesser songs about maybe she’s a lesbian/maybe not and why glass hearts break. (it’s cuz they’re so fragile, duh) Dar Williams and a hundred other indie strumptes take notice, there’s yet another contender and she’s got Pro-Tools and a Handycam so she doesn’t have to sleep with David Geffen to become famous. Career countdown: Itunes commercial in a week, Zach Braff film soundtrack in 2 months, acoustic version of this song at next year’s Grammy’s…obscurity…then a successful children’s book. Everybody wins.